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Thank you for visiting me online at HankScottRacing.com. For more than 28 years I have been building race engines for motorcycles. We are the most successful engine building facility in the nation for Legend and Mini-Sprint engines. I have taken great care in preparing these racing engines, using the best parts available with updates developed by HSR and the many, many things we have learned building more than.3 ,000 Legend Engines. Our machine work is the latest state of the art available and be assured you will find no better. As with any racing engine, there are no guarantees.

The FJ 1200 is as durable an engine as we have seen, but it is designed to haul a 600 lb. motorcycle around, not an 1100 pound car with a driver at extended periods of high RP M With the weight of the car, high RPM, and added heat, engine failure can occur. I cannot guarantee against part failures in your engine, but we do all we can to guard against it from ever happening.

We include many modifications to help alleviate failures, but it still happens. If the failure is a direct result of some error ill machining or improper assembly, I will repair it. If however, you have a part failure, well, that is what you have, a part failure. The most common failure in these motors is the weak link, the connecting rod. We recommend new rods in every engine that has seen a full two years of use. Metal fatigue is the culprit here, and this should help that problem considerably. We were the leader in finding a cure for the rash of broken intake cams which plagued the sport until 2001.

You will notice a Big difference in power we trust. I want my engine to Win and that means I want YOU to WIN! Give us a call today and let's get started on building YOU a winning motor! Good Luck.

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